Analysis Of The Comic Lovers By Betty Friedan Essay

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Hi, Betty Friedan here, reporting on the problem that has been sweeping through American women in the 1950 's and 60 's. This unknown, unnamed problem is affecting the suburban housewives of all education levels (Friedan, 28). This is because women from different education levels and backgrounds have been subjected to the same source of their internalization. This source is the American society because experts, who are usually white males, tell women what it means to be female and feminine. An example of this is the comic Lovers, which reinforces the belief that women should focus on being a housewife because that is true femininity. It is crucial that comics like this be stopped because all it does is influence women that they need to marry a man to be happy and supported in life. How Lovers does this, is by the examples of how Gloria, Julie, and Sally find love and happiness when they find a man. A prime example of what the American woman has become is Gloria, from the comic "No Other Love." Gloria was dating Pat Dwyer, who she thought was her one and only love. Until he broke up with her and after the breakup, she was depressed and refused to go out (Lovers). Now I understand being in love because I myself am a housewife with three children, however, it is unhealthy to have a guy be the main source of happiness in ones life. I understand how unhealthy it is and that is why I have a career as a magazine writer (Friedan, 10). Gloria should not depend on Pat as much as she…

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