The Similarities And Differences Of Betty Friedan And Schlafly

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Carmen Cecenas
HIS 215
November 10, 2017

In a time during the great depression and after these two women Friedan and Schlafly fought for a variety of issues. Both were alike in a sense they had many similarities but they also had many differences. They both had very similar backgrounds. Although they had similar lifestyles and grew up in the same area they both had different views on many issues. Although they were both fought for similar issues and were both feminists, Friedan’s name was associated with resurgent feminism and Schlafly was associated with antifeminism ( Kerber, De Hart, Dayton, & Wu, 2016). Betty friedan identified herself as a suburban housewife. She was a white middle class women, activist, writer,
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Schlafly was a community volunteer, repubicaparty activist, and a congressional activist. She devoted extraordinary energy and speaking skills to defeating the Equal Rights Amendment (Kerber et al. 2016). Schlafly devoted this toward the women who suffered from “Emptiness Syndrome.” She believed that women's fulfilment is not a destination but a journey (Kerber et al. 2016). Schlafly went against what Betty Friedan believed she did not believe women should be equal to men. Schlafly believed that if women were equal to men they would not gain but if not lose power. She goes on to say that it’s self evident that Positive Woman are aware that the female body with reproducing organs was not designed by the conspiracy of men (Kerber et al. 2016). She also addressed that the positive women should look up to her femaleness and her fertility as part of her purpose and her power and should rejoice that men do not have this ability (Kerber et al. 2016). Schlafly had the opposing view of Betty Friedan. She believed that because of biological features women should not be equal to men and should be happy with being a housewife and that you can fulfill the emptiness by obtaining materialistic things. Schlafly believed that if there was no Positive Women to lead women then there would not be a good leader to shape the future of the young …show more content…
The patterns that I noticed in both documents was that they both presented the beliefs of the side of the argument they stood for. Both Friedan and Schlafly took the opposing side and showed the views they had and went about presenting the negative issues and how they went about them. Both made the women who felt the same way as them accepted. Some of the major differences that I noticed was that Friedan did not present the opposing side as harsh as Schlafly did. The other main difference that I encountered was that Schlafly from my interpretation thought that Friedan mad women the victims of society. I also felt as if Schlafly document was an advertisement against the women's liberation and influencing women to go against those views. In Friedan’s document I felt as if she was presenting her views but didn't give women who were happy with being housewifes. I did not find Friedan or Schlafly more or less credible. I thought that both were equally credible because of their place in society they were both well educated women and both studied politics in some way or another. Overall these documents of Friedan and Schlafly were interesting. I found both views that women had on women's place in society back then interesting. Even though they grew up in similar lifestyles it was interesting how they took opposing views. They both had different views but similar takes on their view of women's liberation. If

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