Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' Tom Uncle 's Cabin '

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The book I read was Tom Uncle’s Cabin. It was a very interesting sad book. The book was about slavery back then in 1852. This book agrees with how I see the view of the world. For the fact that this world big, but it’s small because you find people that you never met before and now you see them and realize they one of your family member. About reuniting with your family heritage. Everything happens for a reason. I can compare so many things and relate to this book. For example in Uncle Tom 's Cabin, the main person who sell Tom because he was in debt, he came back and did background research. Not only that but he did uncle tom 's cabin funeral. There is two type of people in this world that we are categorized in. The first people is Mr.Shelby, he was the one who raised Tom when he was younger. He helped him and show him was right and wrong. Not only that, but he trusts him so much, that he even let Tom go out there to do business for him. The reason why he sold Tom was because he was in debt, he owed money. He didn’t just sell him just like that, he made sure that the new owner wouldn’t treat him badly and that would let him know if he selling him to someone else. So there is that one type of caring person who is nice but can’t save the world. The other type is the cruel one who don’t care about nobody, but himself. That person in the book was Mr.Haley. He was the one that Mr.Shelby had to owe to. His personality was just so caught up in the pyramid of getting slaves and…

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