Analysis Of The Book ' The ' Essay

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Two teenagers, Allie Nelson and Noah Calhoun, fall in love with each other at first sight, but face many difficulties, both alone and together. When Allie has to move away after the Summer they spent together, loving each other, they promise each other to keep in touch. However, due to many obstacles in their road, they never get in touch until fourteen years later when Allie visits Noah before her marriage. They go through lots of hills together, but in the end, they both find happiness together.

Allie Nelson is a strong, confident, and considerate woman who seeks answers for herself. After reading the article on the newspaper about Noah, her first love, finally achieving his dream of restoring the big, old house, Allie decides that she has to visit him one last time before her marriage. She believes that “it is now or never” and that she will regret it until the day she dies if she does not visit him. However, it takes a lot of courage to visit someone who you haven’t talked to or seen in 12 years. Thus, it does take Allie some time to make up her decision, and she goes through internal debates whether it is right or wrong. Also, Allie lies to her fiancé, her parents, and takes all the risk just to see a guy who could have already forgotten about her. However, when she does decide to go to Noah’s house in New Bern at the end, it really shows that she is an intrepid person. Her decision impresses me because it was hard for Allie to make this decision and she also…

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