Analysis Of The Book ' The Trojan War ' Essay example

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The Trojan War plays a crucial role in revenge in which the feelings of hostility between the characters develops leading to acts of vengeance against each other. For example, Agamemnon came back from the war to find that his wife had married Aegisthus, a coward who stayed behind while the others fought in the war. With her approval, Aegisthus kills Agamemnon and would have taken over his kingdom if not for Agamemnon’s son, Orestes. Orestes returns from exile and kills both Aegisthus and his mother to avenge his father. His act of bravery and courage to defend his father’s honor is continually praised by his peers and his father’s peers throughout the Odyssey. “Haven’t you heard what glory Prince Orestes won throughout the world when he killed that cunning, murderous Aegisthus, who’d killed his famous father? (Book 1. pg 12).” In these times, honor was everything. Those who fought for it saw revenge as the only reasonable way to attain retribution or as a way to restore someone’s honor. In the Odyssey, revenge is justified as the righteous way in which justice could be achieved while serving as a cultural framework for the story.
This tradition of vengeance goes back to as far as the beginning of the Trojan War. When Paris, prince of Troy, took Menelaus’ wife, Helen, from him. In retaliation, Menelaus declares war against Troy. The ensuing war lasted for 10 years, eventually resulting in Paris’ death. The soldiers who invaded Troy slaughtered all the men in their path…

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