Analysis Of The Book ' The Spider Web ' Essay

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Up, Simba-

Quote: “Because the McCain2000 campaign has got to spin today’s retaliation the same way nations spin war” (Foster Wallace 209).

The spinning of a war is reminiscent to the spinning of a web by a spider. A spider’s web is so complicated and full of numerous different, individual, parts that while it is possible to take each part out of the web one by one it would take a long time to complete it. The use of spin in this quote helps to illustrate the idea of the spider web’s complexity being placed into government. They are going to spin a retaliation in the “same way nations spin war”, or, in other words, they are planning to make it so complicated to understand their true motives that only a few who are truly dedicated to knowing what the real actions of the group are will take apart “the spider web” behind the event, thus revealing the truth. The use of creating something so complex is also helpful for those behind the scenes, since it can offer them the opportunity to come up with a front that is justifiable and the ability to claim that a given reason is why they are retaliating in such a way, with little fear of being discovered as covering up a bigger, darker, agenda. Most spider webs are also the same sort of pattern. Similarly, wars between countries are spun in a similar manner over some of the same things, such as an attempt to protect the country from a threat, to obtain resources that are vital to the country, or an attempt to get land (which…

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