Analysis Of The Book ' The Phantom Tollbooth ' Essay

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I’ve always loved reading, and throughout elementary school I would read obsessively. I made sure to read any chance I got. I’d read on the subway on the way from school and back, in class during free time, while walking down the street with my book in one hand and my father’s fingers in the other, and at home before bed. My favorite books (which I still have copies of in my bookcase) were The Trumpet of the Swan, Molly Moon’s Incredible Book of Hypnotism, The Phantom Tollbooth, The Witches (pretty much anything Roald Dahl), Charlotte’s Web, and many others. I remember that in 4th Grade we were allowed to take books we were reading home. I took the fullest advantage of that rule and brought home book after book, like a rat making a stockpile for the winter, and had no intention of returning them. Later on I felt guilty for stealing and packed all my books, a hefty stack which measured about a foot and a half, and went to school the next day to confess my crime. Consequently, no one in the class was allowed to take books home after that. In the 5th Grade I was bullied severely and used books as a coping mechanism. I don’t remember many titles I read from that time, I only remember being extremely miserable and hating school passionately. Going into middle school was difficult for me because I expected to be attacked from every angle after enduring such dysphoria. I eventually adjusted, and thankfully my hunger for literature remained. I started to read teen fiction, and was…

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