Analysis Of The Book ' The Outsiders ' Essay

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If we compare the novel of “The Outsiders” that was written by S.E.Hinton and the film that was produced by Francis Ford Coppola, there will be many similarities and differences. One of the major differences is the different treatments to express some major themes. For example, Conflict between different social classes, conflict between siblings, the definition of family and the coming of age and maturation of teenage boy.
The conflict between different social classes is based on several perspectives: Family background and the kind of people they talk with. The novel version and the film version have different ways to express them. In the film, it does not show what kind of people do greasers and socs talk with. In the film, it shows family background by providing visuals. For example, after Pony got jumped by socs, the movie shows the house where Curtis family live. It is an old and small and abandoned house. The garden is over grown, also fills with neglected cars and metals.
The novel has clear introductions about family background for each side. It introduces that the greasers are poor kids from east-side and socs are rich kids from the west-side of the town. The novel is narrated in the first person point of view of a greaser so when it introduces the socs, it has a tone with fear and hatred. For example, the novel narrates that “the socs are impossible to beat, they have everything”. In many scenes in the novel, the author mentioned about the fancy blue mustang and…

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