Analysis Of The Book ' The Odyssey ' Essay

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Life is a story where heroes are created, idealized, and remembered. The chapters illustrate a person who is recognized for outstanding achievement and kind qualities. In “The Odyssey” by Homer, a boy looks up to his dad, a wife to her husband, and an island to their king. A dad, a husband, and a king all named the great-warrior Odysseus. He writes his own book, writing a new page for each of his daily adventures in which he sacrifices for his family and kingdom. Within each adventure he learns a new lesson and claims it. Odysseus shows the good, the bad, and the ugly of a transforming hero through determination, strategy, and arrogance.
Determination is the key to a secret diary in the back of everyone 's book that opens up to many more happy and healthy years with their family and friends. In this case, Odysseus needs to see his family and rule Ithaca after the long, bloody Trojan War. In order for Odysseus to stay positive on his way home, many others who idealize him encourage him to persevere. As Eurylochus, a crew member of Odysseus, explains "You are a hard man, Odysseus. Your force is greater, your limbs never wear out. You must be made all of iron, when you will not let your companions, worn with hard work and wanting sleep, set foot on this land"(280). Eurylochus tells the crew, after battling Scylla, and Charybdis that they should be aware that Odysseus is bigger, better, and stronger than them. He reminds them that they are there to help, not to complete the…

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