Analysis Of The Book ' The Museum Of Art ' Downtown Tampa Bay Area '

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This semester in my Humanities class my professor assigned a paper on an analysis of a piece of artwork. The artwork could be at pretty much any museum you wanted to go to in the greater Tampa Bay area. I chose to go the the Tampa museum of art in downtown Tampa. Even though i had been there multiple times this time was very different. As soon as i walked in i was immediately drawn to a single painting and never left that painting until it was time for me to leave. This painting that i was so attracted to was by Marc Chagall, and it was a landscape with a crucifixion. This artwork was really intriguing to me in many different ways. Let’s begin with the subject, In this painting there are 6 characters in total. There is who i am presuming to be jesus on the cross, a woman, a man and child, a donkey, and what appears to be a king of some sort at the top of the page. The motivation behind this artwork is obviously religion. This artwork depicts Jesus being on the crucifixion cross, and what seems to be people paying their thanks to him for what all he has done. I think Chagall painted this painting to show his Gratitude to Christ, just like the people are doing in the painting. Its hard to make out what the character is doing that is at the top center of the piece of work. This character is almost floating over the town as if it is the spirit of Christ looking at the people giving thanks to his body. I also cant figure out for the life of me what the donkey represents in this…

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