Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' The Last Clause ' By Daniel 11

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He also causes all to receive the Mark of the Beast on their bodies which will control all buying and selling (system). This mark is directly linked to the name and number of the Antichrist.
The last clause in Daniel 11:38 says, “he will honor him with gold, silver, costly stones and treasures.” Not only will this god be strong, not only will it be something new, the creators of such a monstrosity will spare no expense in making it attractive.

What did Donald Trump start his campaign on? Building a wall, making America great again, bringing wealth to by creating more separation between it and the rest of the world. In other words, Trump is wanting to turn America into a fortress. And like Nimrod before him, his life’s obsession has been building towers; not just any towers; sky-high towers. He tried twice to build the tallest building in the world. Each tower is associated to his name. TRUMP is always proudly displayed on the very top of the structures he builds and even ones he doesn’t. Inside these towers are the costliest of stone masonry and metal work, including copious amounts of marble, silver and gold.

Lest anyone doubt that this God of Fortresses is linked with a person obsessed with building high towers and walls, let me again remind you that these latter chapters link Antiochus Epiphanes with the Antichrist. The books of Maccabees give us a historical account of the rise and fall of this wicked Antiochus. In it we see him, like Trump, linked with building high…

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