Analysis Of The Book ' The Gift ' Essay

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To begin with, love is the major theme in Nabokov’s novel The Gift. The critic Alexander Dolinin, who in his essay of The Gift published in the Garland Companion to Vladimir Nabokov, argues that The Gift itself can be called “a kind of declaration of of the creator for his creature, and of the creature for its creator, love of a son for his father, love of an exile for his native land, love for language and those who love it, love for the beauty of the world, and last but not least, love for its readers.” (Garland Companion to Vladimir Nabokov 160). For the content of this paper, this essay will focus on three specific situations where love is expressed within the novel. The first one corresponds to what Nabokov calls “the triangle of tragedy”, the story between Yasha, the son of one of Fyodor 's friends, Rudolf, a German young man, and Olya, a Russian girl. The second situation being more of a “virtuous triangle” is formed by Fyodor, his mother and his father, and the third one corresponding to the duo of Fyodor and Zina. First off, the “triangle of tragedy” begins with a group of friends whose relationship evolves into a complicated love triangle. For instance, Yasha falls in love with Rudolf, who falls in love with Olya, and who is also in love with Yasha. But Dolinin argues that this particular love triangle reflects “ the geometric relationship of their inscribed feelings...reminding one of the traditional and somewhat mysterious…

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