Analysis Of The Book ' The Draw Bridge ' Essay

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The Draw Bridge Help dad! Help dad! The echo fills the air. Little Jimmy holding onto the icy bars for his dear life. While the boat steams closer and closer. Tim Founder has the decisions of is life to make. Kill hundreds of innocent people on the ship heading toward the bridge or save his helpless son hanging onto the icy ledge about to fall into the river a couple 100 feet down. The day before Christmas it was and Tim Founder was working his usually job on the draw bridge right outside of New York City, New York. It was a snowy day and very cold. Tim was letting ships through all day. Later during the shift no ship had passed in a couple hours and Tim was tired. He laid back in his chair and dozed off. Tim was sleeping in the little box room that control the draw bridge. While sleeping a ship containing oil lots of oil. If the ship is to hit the bridge than all the oil would spill into the river and destroy it. As the ship is getting closer the ships horn gets louder and louder. On the radio the Captain is saying, “ Hello, is anyone there.” “We need someone to open up the bridge.” “Hello?” The ship is now only a hundred feet out from hitting the bridge and destroying not only the bridge, but also the river and could easily injure the crew on board the ship. Tim suddenly wakes up from the loud ship horn and the Captain screaming on the radio and falls off his chair. He is now wide awake. He hears the ship heading toward him and the Captain on the Radio.…

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