Analysis Of The Book ' Tattoos On The Heart ' By Gregory Boyle

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Gregory Boyle’s book, Tattoos in the Heart, is filled with many ideas throughout the book. Boyle talks the many experiences he went through running Homeboy Industries in Los Angeles, California. In parts of the book, you can see how he helped gang members in that area have a second chance to get their life straight and be in a better position for themselves and their families. In Tattoos on the Heart, the two main ideas that the audience see transition in parts of the book is to have compassion and our jurisdiction wide open just like God has compassion and acceptance toward us. One of the main ideas in this book is to be compassionate towards other people just like God is towards gang members in the book. “Compassion isn’t just about feeling the pain of others; it’s about bringing them in toward yourself” (Boyle 75). This quote is saying that to be compassionate one must feel the other person’s pain and see their point of view in order to understand them and their situation in order to be compassionate towards that person. In the book we see many cases of how Boyle was being compassionate towards gang members because to him, the gang members were his sons and daughters no matter what bad they have done before. “No question, to look at this face is to know that its owner is a transformed man. But standing next to him in the picture, with an arm around Anthony (and a cigarette hanging out of his mouth) was Dennis, an equally changed human being” (Boyle 77). In this section…

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