Descriptive Essay About Tattoos

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It was his 19th birthday and our hero Scott wanted a tattoo. Not just any tattoo, however, he wanted a tattoo that was as different from other tattoos then he was different from other people. On the way to Skatler Ink on the South side of town, Scott still couldn’t think of a tattoo so perfectly original and different. It was a windy day and Scott’s loose grip on his cash inevitably ended up with the wind snatching up his money and running it down the street like a touchdown pass. He followed it down a dark alley that came to a sketchy, vandalized, brick-wall dead end.
He pulled back a rather large trash can to collect his currency and found a weird bit of graffiti concealed on the wall. Hidden from the fading sun sat an odd sort of twisted symbol written in what seemed to be a thick black ink. It was a peculiar symbol that looked to be older than time itself, it was perfect. Scott pulled out his phone and snapped a pic. He ran his finger against it, but leapt back as he felt a wave of electricity pass through his body as he did so. The black ink dripped and pooled on the ground and the symbol was gone forever. But that didn 't matter because 2 hours later that day Scott had an eternal copy of it inscribed into his skin.
That night Scott
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Scott smashed pipe after pipe and finally the machine stopped and the blue torches went out. Scott could make out with his third eye the heat signatures of SWAT pouring in on all sides. They took him along with all the other Khalaraks to be experimented on but as soon as Scott awoke and realized his Khalarak half had left his body. He explained his story to the surgeon and Sargent they let him leave. He was missing his tattooed arm and the purple stains remained but at least he was alive. Scott finally looked as different as he felt and for the first time in his life Scott felt

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