Analysis Of The Book ' Taryn Staley ' Essay

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Twenty-two years ago on January 4th, 1994, Taryn Staley was up at Finny Cumberlane to celebrate Gary’s, Taryn’s brother, fifteenth birthday. It was her mom, her step dad, her friend (Amy), Gary, her mom’s friend, four or five of Gary’s friends, and herself who traveled up the Finny Cumberlane mountain side. Their day was spent playing in the snow and snowboarding on the small, snow-capped mountain, but the day took a turn for the worse on their way home. “At 10:00 AM everyone met at our house in Burlington with their snowboarding gear, extra clothes, etc. We also loaded up a camp stove, pans, cups, cocoa and a pot of chile with freetos dip chips for lunch. 11:AM we all headed for the mountain.” Wendy, Taryn’s mother, remembered how the day started. They filled the fuel tank full of gas in Sedro Woolley, then headed down the South Skagit highway.
It was around one o’clock when they reached the top of the mountain, which was covered in “beautiful, white pristine snow.” They swiftly set up camp, then walked up the logging road and their day was spent making “ramps and jumps, so the boys could do tricks and be filmed. Great day!” Later in the day, Taryn’s step dad, Randy, and Wendy started to load up their belongings while the kids went for one last run.
“When the kids returned to camp, and got their gear loaded, they realized they had forgotten their camera. When they returned from getting their camera, it was already getting dark fast.” Wendy stated. The four or five boys…

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