Character Analysis: Roo's Life

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Pg.1-50: The main character, Ruth Anne McCabe, better known as Roo is a senior in high school and is ready to go to her dream college, Yale University. Roo has a younger sister named Tilly, she is a freshman in highschool and one day when she was at a museum doing research for a school project texted Roo to pick her up from the museum minutes before they were about to close. Roo was running a little late and Tilly was really impatient so she kept sending her lots of text messages telling her to pick her to hurry up. Roo picks up her phone to respond only little did she know how much texting while driving can do to you in such a short time. She responded back to Tilly for the last time and in just a few seconds her whole life changed. Texting …show more content…
One time when they were in Roo’s room they started to hold hands, they didn’t think Roo could see them, but she clearly saw it all. Of course Roo was a little jealous and hurt that her sister was with her boyfriend. Days past, Roo couldn’t stop thinking of what she saw and Tilly was forced to get dressed for a Dance at the same beach Newton and Roo would go to on late summer nights. That was organized to raise money for Roo’s treatment. At the dance Tilly spotted Newton, he was running away and Tilly was afraid he was going to do something bad or get hurt so she went after him. As she was running she fell into the water and nearly drowned. She felt someone pick her up, it was Newton saving Tilly. They were both really close to each other and got closer, eventually they kissed for the first time although Newton and Tilly hadn’t officially broken up. Tilly didn’t start to realize the awful mistake until she left the dance, she felt really bad for4 what she had done and wanted some time to be alone so she went around the town wandering late at night. When she was walking she was Martha’s house, Martha had been the only one to see Roo when she had her accident. Tilly spent a long time with Martha telling her everything that had happened. Soon it became dark and late, it was time for Tilly to go

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