Analysis Of The Book ' Matthew 12 : 22-37 Matthew Essay

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Once upon a time there was a man named Frank, he had a best friends named Joe. Joe always told Frank that they were best friends forever. One day Frank finds out that Joe had a birthday party, but didn’t invite Frank. Frank doesn’t want to be friends with Joe anymore because he was being insincere about their friendship. In the same way God wants us to be sincere about our relationship with him. In Matthew 12:22-37 Matthew warns Christians against being insincere in Christianity. Christians are to be sincere by avoiding the unpardonable sin, avoiding being neutral in religion, and watching what they say. The book of Matthew was written by Matthew, a former tax collector and a disciple of Jesus. He wrote the book around 70-80 AD as a sort of teaching manual for Christians. While Mark focused on narrative, Matthew focused on teaching (Howley, Bruce, and Ellison 141). Matthew is a synoptic gospel, meaning the book shares a large number of verses and passages with Mark and Luke. Only 300 verses in Matthew have no parallel passage in Mark or Luke (Howley, Bruce, and Ellison 96). The book was written in Koine, which is also known as common Greek. Koine was the language used in the Roman empire for speaking and writing. It is most likely that Matthew wrote his book in Koine because it was a language that everyone in the Roman empire could read (Howley, Bruce, and Ellison 30). Christians need to make sure they are sincere, one way to avoid insincerity is to avoid the…

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