Analysis Of The Book ' Lord Of The Flies ' Essay

1006 Words May 5th, 2016 5 Pages
The essay that I’m going to write about describe a character from literature that you would trade places and the person I choose is Piggy from The book called Lord of the Flies. And let me give you some information about the book that time there was an unnamed war going on that time. A plane was carrying a group of British boy school was shut down,they were stranded in the pacific. The pilot was killed, but many schoolboys survived the plane crash and also named themselves in an uninhabited island, they were also alone with no Adult supervision. The reason I choose piggy was because he is really smart and also doesn’t bring people down. When piggy was on the island he, found a shell called the couch, which at one point every one of the little boys respected. Piggy is smart little fat boy Ralph might have found, but piggy Is that one who’s telling him how to use it. Piggy is a small kid about 10 years old. And also has asthma and another thing he also wears glasses. He is really lazy and doesn 't like to do anything that has to involve physical stuff. Out of everyone on the island he’s probably the closest thing from being like an adult.piggy has this thing called short term memory lost because he can’t figure names of the boys in the island. Piggy and I have many similarities thing we both have glasses and also are fat. We both have great leadership skill and I say that because I 'm from a program in Andrew hill called JROTC in order to be in that program…

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