Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' Life Of Pi '

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A survivor is someone who is defined by outliving others in a time of death for others. If an interview was conducted with survivors from different situations they would come up with a diverse group of tips for survival, but many would be repeated. In the book Deep Survival: Who Lives, Who Dies, and Why Laurence Gonzales has taken a collection of these common stretegies and created a survival book for any situation. Through this book you are able to connect similarities in two completely different situations. On one hand in the book Life of Pi, by Yann Martel, Pi is lost at sea after the boat he is on sinks and in the movie Touching the Void where Joe gets injured and has to make the trek down a 20,000 foot mountain alone. Despite having two very different plots you can link them together by survival strategies. Examples of this include: taking responsibility and making a plan, becoming stingy with resources and balancing risk with reward, and making small manageable goals. Even though many connections are able to be made with these two stories there are a few differences such as Pi wasn’t prone to high emotional states and prayed and carried on a faith while at sea as Jo who didn’t get comfortable but got confident and didn’t follow the standard rules to scaling a mountain. Regardless of the state someone is in there are many tips from Deep Survival that can be applied to any situation.
The first step of survival in an emergency situation is to take responsibility and make…

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