Essay about Analysis Of The Book ' Job '

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The book of job portrays a lesson to us about how, as claimed by Hebrew culture, we ought to react in the face of life’s sufferings. Job is a prosperous man whom lives in the land called UZ with his enormous family. He is a blameless and upright man, who never commits evil and does very well in avoiding it. Things start turning south for Job and his family when the Adversary, one day, appears before God and argues, that Job is only Loyal to him because of the blessings God has provided him with. To prove his point the Adversary begins to torment Job by causing him physical pain and by taking the lives of his family, servants, and livestock. Despite all of the suffering that is inflicted upon Job by the Adversary, he still remains loyal to God and never stops sending up prayers. Through this story we are provided with a powerful lesson that teaches us that God is not the cause of our suffering nor are we excluded from suffering just because we are believers, that our knowledge is limited, and that it is wrong to choose a holy life for our own benefit.
According to Hebrew culture one common mistake that we as humans tend to make is not realizing that our knowledge is limited. We do not always know what is going on behind the curtains which in turn causes us to sometimes rush to judgement. This lesson is conveyed right from the start. We hear a conversation take place between the all-powerful God and the Adversary. Job does not hear this conversation but the audience does,…

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