Analysis Of The Book ' Hey, Go Long ' Essay

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“Hey, go long” Matthew yelled at Jackson as he flung the football across the room Jackson dove over the couch for the football but missed and wiped out. The football zipped over his head and crashed into Matthew’s moms favorite painting of a small city which was hanging on the wall behind him. The painting fell, Jackson shoot up and ran over to the remains. The painting lied on the floor, the frame cracked in half. Jackson became filled with panic. Matthew got the super glue from the kitchen and brought it over to Jackson.
“ Your mom is going to freak when she sees this” Jackson said in fear
“She’s not going to find out because were going to fix it before she gets home” Matthew said as if it really wasn’t a big deal
Matthew opened the super glue and dabbed it on the broken edges of the frame. He put the painting into half the frame and attached the other half. The super glue on the frame began to glow.
“What’s going on?!?!” Both boys yelled as they looked at each other in disbelief
The glow turned into a smoke coming from the super glue on the frame. The room filled with smoke and Jackson couldn’t see anything. He called out for Matthew but there was no answer. BOOM! The smoke was gone and so was the room, Jackson began screaming Matthew’s name finally he heard a response.
Matthew tapped on Jackson’s shoulder” Where are we?” he asked
They looked around the were in a city they have never seen before. Behind them was a tall apartment building with a bakery next store and…

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