Analysis Of The Book ' Elf ' Essay

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Introduction The social sciences, the study of human in society and the relationships between humans, connect with how humans interact with each other. Especially how they treat each other after problematic issues, like when their goodness is at stake impacts human behavior. Thus, leading to the expression “throwing someone under the bus” and causing distress to both parties of this situation. The first example is a classic Christmas film, Elf. The second example is an episode from a popular TV show, Gossip Girl, based on a novel series by Cecily von Ziegesar. During these difficult circumstances of throwing someone under the bus, someone will always be hurt in the process, whether it is physical or emotional.
To experience being “thrown under the bus” means the individual throwing someone under the bus needs to escape a difficult situation for selfish reasons to protect his or her own goodness in order to benefit themselves. Meanwhile, betraying the other person in the situation, thus the person that is “thrown under the bus” is betrayed.
Literature Review and Theoretical Lens A person’s goodness is a fragile part of their well being and consists of what they care for or what they morally expect from themselves. Some of these standards include family, friends, way of life, or something that is near and dear to their hearts. When someone they once deemed virtuous attacks someone’s goodness, the victim of this situation is experiencing being “thrown under the…

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