Analysis Of The Book ' Downtown Pittsburgh ' Essay

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MacNeil is effective in using rhetorical question, illustration and appeal to authority throughout the article in order to keep his readers interested. While expanding their knowledge of the American dialect, MacNeils desire is also to persuade his audience that Americans should embrace all dialects.

“In downtown Pittsburgh — - pronounced ‘dahntahn’ — the question, ‘Did you eat yet?’ sounds like ‘jeet jet?’ If you haven 't the response is, ‘No, jew?’’ (MacNeil 312)

This quote will go in the second to last body paragraph where I will tell my audience how MacNeil effectively uses illustration to allow the readers to understand the dynamics behind American linguistics. The reason why this is an effective use of illustration is because of how the author spells out the words in an easy to comprehend manner so that even an elementary student could read it. By writing out the words the way the author does it allows for his audience to understand the smaller differences in dialect between Americans. This is a strong quote for my essay because it shows how MacNeil involves the audience by learning new ways of saying common words and phrases.

“John Simon theater critic for the New York Times Magazine, (…) sees the language today as ‘unhealthy, poor, sad, depressing, and fairly hopeless’ (…) The enemies of Simon are the descriptivists (…) one such individual is Jesse Shadower editor of the august Oxford English Dictionary.”(MacNeil 307)

This quote shall be in my second body…

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