Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' Dear John Wayne ' By Louise Erdrich

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In “Dear John Wayne” by Louise Erdrich, it becomes obvious to the reader that Erdrich feels as if Native Americans, such as herself, are inferior to the entire white population. Throughout her poem, Erdrich expresses her opinions and the actions of white people like “John Wayne.” The message she sends to the reader brings attention to the display of Native Americans. Erdrich strives to express her opinion that the media displays Native Americans in an insignificant fashion and that the media believes their worth is inconspicuous. First of all, Erdrich’s use of John Wayne indicates additional information than just the importance of his movies and the drive-in. John Wayne is a character in numerous Western movies from the past, which nearly all include Native Americans, either assisting him or acting as the enemy. In the poem while they are at the drive-in, Erdrich writes, “His [John Wayne’s] face moves over us, / a thick cloud of vengeance” (Erdrich 18-19). Erdrich utilizes a figurative language device, also known as a metaphor; she compares his face on the screen to “a thick cloud of vengeance.” The appearance of John Wayne’s face exposes her feelings on how she believes his face represents revenge, most likely on the Native Americans. Furthermore, John Wayne states, “It is / not over, this fight, not as long as you resist. / Everything we see belongs to us” (21-23), as his face emerges on the screen. Countless amounts of Western movies also revolved around the period of…

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