Analysis Of The Book ' De Genova ' Essay

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De Genova’ book was an interesting piece to read (not my favorite book that I agree with, but still interesting), and at times I felt frustrated (as a Mexican American) at the things that occurred. To start off, I read Part Two of the book and it had some interesting ideas. One thing that caught my attention right from the start was, “The racial factor, which ostensibly united them, was the center of their dispute” (De Genova 94). This passage was interesting to me because it clearly shows the complexity of a unifying force to challenge racism. The fight against racism in public schools was clearly what united them, but at the same time it seems they weren’t too happy with each other in the sense that they wanted to tackle this situation differently. Their differences made me think perhaps racism between races was occurring; perhaps the Japanese Americans felt superior to the Mexican Americans and vice versa. Of course both of these groups are the minorities, but their differences and disputes made me imagine that perhaps they had these differences because one of the groups felt more superior to the other group. Shifting gears to the educational aspect of this section, it was interesting to note that Mexican American children were segregated into different schools because they needed to be “Americanized” (De Genova 96). I find this interesting because the point of Americanization is to assimilate the American culture and language into Mexican American children because…

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