Analysis Of The Book ' Cinderella ' Essay

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Spring Semester Research Paper: “Cinderella”

Fairy tales that were once meant for adults have now been adapted to allow children to hear and read them. With hidden meaning and time period controversy, fairy tales can have a political or dark side to them that can be overlooked as children. The fairy tale genre of stories has become a big part of society, even though they originated hundreds of years ago. Disney and Pixar have taken a multitude of stories written by talented authors and made child-friendly, fun versions. These stories have instilled values in a child’s development, such as progressing problem solving skills and an imagination. For the most part, the main storyline has stayed the same with the adult details adapted. “Cinderella” has remained a popular fairy tale for centuries, with some of the more adult details adjusted and the “Disney touch” added. Through analyzing the history, archetypal elements, and psychological value of "Cinderella" one can see the message of overcoming hardships.

By analyzing the history of France in the late 1600’s, one can see why “Cinderella” became so popular with the people of France, during this time period after Charles Perrault wrote his first version. The name Cinderella comes from the fact that when she finished working, she sat in the cinders. Many people say the earliest version came from China, others claim the first version was from a Greek historian. The most famous versions of Cinderella are the versions…

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