Analysis Of The Book ' Broken That We Are Reading Essay

1164 Words Oct 19th, 2015 null Page
The first Nobel conference event I listened to was the panel discussion. In this discussion, treatment options were explored. Four different speakers were involved, including William Cope Moyers, who is the author of the book Broken that we are reading in class. The first speaker was Anne Fletcher. She shared that of the 22 million people that need treatment, only 10 percent receive treatment. Most people do not need treatment according to her, and most can get better on their own. The severe cases are the most likely to get treatment. According to Anne, “AA is not a treatment.” She goes on to say that there’s many shortcomings to the program. I felt she did an effective job for the most part. She conveyed the popular message at the conference that the most commonly used treatment is not necessarily the most effective. I was hoping she would go into more explanation on why AA is not an effective treatment. She shared a slight bias, as she obviously supported her research over the counterargument. I learned the statistic of people that need and receive treatment. The second speaker was Michael Pantalon. His discussion was briefer. He shared that the CRAFT treatment method was better than the tough love treatment method. CRAFT involved talking with people about why they use drugs, and why they want to quit, while the tough love method focuses on telling people that drugs are wrong, and that they need to quit. He stated that 80 percent of people using the non-CRAFT method…

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