Analysis Of The Book ' Between The World And Me And ' Essay example

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When analyzing the book Between the World and Me and relating the world we live in today there were many similarities. The book discussed the oppression that African Americans face in America and the reasoning behind why this struggle continues to plague our society. In America the issue of race, equality and justice has become a conversation that no one can escape having. Although slavery ended in 1865, it did not bring about the complete solution of freedom from racism, violence and prejudice for African Americans in America. This work represents the feelings and injustice African Americans face today and gives an insightful perspective of being a minority living in America. When looking at themes discussed throughout the book in relation to society and social work there are many issues raised that are significant. Throughout the history of America, there has been heinous atrocities inflicted upon African Americans, Native Americans and immigrants since its creation. The events of slavery and the shame that stains The United States of America cannot be forgotten, escaped or ignored. However, the issue of prejudice and racism is always an uncomfortable topic that seems to constantly be swept under the rug and rigorously denied. From the perspective of oppressed groups living in America such as African Americans it has become a general consensus that their lives hold less value than white people’s do. Coates (2015) describes this concept stating, “Here is what I would…

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