Analysis Of The Book ' An Open Letter ' By Tyler Perry ' Essay

1211 Words Feb 23rd, 2016 null Page
Bene Viera’s “An Open Letter to Tyler Perry” was a response to Tyler Perry’s different works as an artist but his personal response, his latest letter to his fans “Kim Kardashian in Marriage Counselor” Her evidently strong beliefs that Tyler Perry only portrays the women in his films in certain ways is the divine influence beneath her motives in writing this letter, which allow her to present her refutes. In this letter, Viera commits numerous divergent fallacies in which they ineffectively benefit her assertions towards Tyler Perry. While appealing to the readers emotions, ethics and logics, Viera erroneously weakens her argument throughout her open letter . In response to Tyler Perry’s numerous films, Ms. Viera attempts to appeal to the audience by beginning to congratulate Tyler Perry on his success but in doing so she inadvertently commits a fallacy. “Let me begin by congratulating you on your massive success. It is truly commendable to overcome the obstacles you have- molestation, poverty, abuse, and homelessness- to becoming the highest paid man in entertainment.” (1) Viera ineffectively appeals to the reader and commits an ad hominem fallacy. Although she compliments Tyler Perry, she immediately makes an effort on attacking Tyler Perry’s credibility as an artist. Precisely this type of claim she establishes and incorporates in her open letter unquestionably weakens her argument by including irrelevant information. She moderately adjudicates him and…

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