Essay about Analysis Of The Book ' After I Fall '

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Imagine dying and reliving that day over and over again. That is what happens to Samantha in Before I Fall. She was a mean girl who followed behind her friends. Not caring how she made others feel as long as she stayed part of the popular crowd. Then one day her life changes. She dies and she sees the type of person she has been. But before her soul can leave, she must repeat that tragic day until she makes a difference. That is her last chance to be a good person and save someone else’s life.
Before I fall is such an amazing book. At first I thought the book would be about some spoiled princess who dies because she was too self-absorbed and didn’t care much about anything else in life. But when I cracked open the cover and read the first chapter I discovered it was much more than that.
I did not like Sam’s character at first. I saw her death as a punishment to her. She was all about being popular. But as further I started to understand her. She is a girl who just wanted to fit in and have friends, which doesn’t give her a reason to act like that but it is understandable. And I feel that is something that is great about this book. It can be very relatable to a lot of people.
The day Sam died started off as any other day. Her rolling out of bed at the last minute, arguing with her little sister and rushing out the door to get into the car with her best friend to go to school. She didn’t eat breakfast with her family or even tell any of them that she loved them. That is a…

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