Analysis Of The Book ' A Piece Of Cake ' By Cupcake Brown Essay

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A memoir is considered a unique autobiography, which includes a public synopsis of the author’s life, including true experiences of the author. The events chosen to relate are used to connect with the purpose of the book. As the author questions what happened on their journey in life. The author comes to a clear understanding, or clearly understands the lesson learned by it. The author depicts how he/she was affected by the many experiences share, and how the experiences has changes the way he/she views people and the world. No longer viewing themselves as the victim but seeing themselves as the overcomer against all odds. However, in contrast, an autobiography covers the author’s entire life to the present, including public and private experiences of the author’s life. A biography is someone’s life story written by another person. In the novel, “A Memoir. A Piece of Cake,” by Cupcake Brown. The author relates her own experiences starting at the very young age of eleven years old when she finds her biological mother dead on the floor. From this point things spiral out of control for Cupcake, which included prostitution, possessing and using illegal drugs, robbing, stealing, dealing, and gang shootings. She learned the man she knew as daddy (Mr. Long) was not her biological father. The Judge introduces her and her brother Larry to their biological father. “Children, this is Mr. Burns, your father” (Brown, 2006). Mr. Burns never wanted his children and thus sent them to live…

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