Analysis Of The Article ' Two Sides Of Colorado ' Essay example

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This is a great fast past interpretation of the Colorado Constitution. This chapter in the book “The Constitutionalism of America States,” is a good representation of how and why the Colorado constitution was formed. Dr. Vicki Bollenbacher, the author of this chapter “two Sides of Colorado, Amplified through Constitutional Redesign,” goes into some detail about the history as well as the ins and outs of the Colorado Constitution. The thesis for this chapter to me would have to be the very first sentence in the chapter “Colorado’s political history and its people’s far predate its establishment as the thirty-eighth state in 1876.” The beginnings of Colorado seem to be a bit rough going though, before it officially became a state. It was home to many Native American tribes through the 1800’s according to this chapter. Then it was taken over by several other countries, until most of the land was purchased from the United States with the Louisiana Purchase in 1803. Even at that there was still not the full state we know today as Colorado. The Spaniards still owed some of southern Colorado and Texas had a piece as well. According to Dr. Bollenbacher the people of Colorado formed the Colorado Territory in 1859. Colorado had really peaked the interest of many as Gold was discovered in Colorado around that time as well. After a couple of years the US congress…

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