Analysis Of The Article ' Tremendous Progress On The First Anniversary Of Its On Us '

1252 Words Oct 3rd, 2015 null Page
Writer Valerie Jarrett wrote the article “Tremendous Progress on the First Anniversary of its On Us” to shed light on this growing program that has sparked change and awareness across the country that has taken place since the program was launched last year. There couldn’t be a more influential person to come out in support of a campaign as the President and Vice President of the United States. Valerie Jarrett is the senior advisor to the President and the chair of the White House council on women and girls. This definitely grabs the attention immediately of thousands, if not millions of Americans and people across the world. Regardless of your political views or stance on the current leadership of the country the act of sexual assault crosses any differences or political party agendas. She writes that how in the first year of this program she is starting to see a culture shift and that over 220,000 people have taken the pledge this year alone. For many of us may we not know about the “It’s On Us” campaign but the author’s words convey the importance of this growing epidemic of sexual assault spread across college campuses today.
You soon realize how this program is changing awareness and calling people to action across not only college campuses but throughout the country. The emotion with which she writes to speak of such a sensitive and heart wrenching topic is commendable, but in the article she doesn’t focus on the negative aspect of what sexual assault can do.…

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