Analysis Of The Article ' Transient Advantage ' Essay

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In the article ‘Transient Advantage’, the author McGrath discusses the sustainable competitive advantage shift to transient advantage. The author makes a lot of example to prove this situation. Also the company which is high-velocity industries must learn to cycle rapidly through the stage of competitive advantage. But the transient advantage also have life cycle, the critical analysis will focus on transient analysis is it suitable for all the company or only some company, in the argument will be discussed.

Short summary of the work
McGrath have the viewpoints on transient advantage, in the following will contrasting the author all the point between sustainable competitive advantage and transient advantage which will be better or balance will be greater.

McGrath overall views of transient advantage that it is the great competitive advantage to the company compete in the market. But the companies have different factors to build the strategy, such as maintenance and retrenchment non-growth strategies. There strategies which are prepare for future growth, sustain current income, some maybe exit market or drop product, so the transient strategy will not fit for these company.

Second, the author feel that build the strategy based on sustainable advantage is unrealistic, it is not impossible. On the other hand, building the transient advantage also unrealistic, the transience strategy which is more quickly to catch the market, but think the other side,…

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