Analysis Of The Article ' Super Man And Me ' By Sherman Alex Essay

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There will always be those who strikes their hardest to learn even though others downgrade them. In the essay “Super Man and Me” Sherman Alex explains what happen in his personal life while he was still at school. Alex is an Indian boy who love to read ever since he was a little child. “A little Indian boy teaches himself to read at an early age and advanced quickly” (497). However the non-Indians expected less from the Indians kids. They expect them to be stupid and uneducated. Nevertheless Alex refuses to fail, he was a very smart boy who kept on teaching himself. Alex proved the non-Indians wrong by becoming a writer. This is a claim of value because, most of the time people expect less from us base on our nationality and race, but it is our obligation to prove them wrong; our future does not depend on what others think of us, but how hard we strike to have a better future. I too can relate to the essay Super Man and Me because of my teacher in Junior High also expected less from me and also treated me differently base on my nationality. Alex is very passionate about reading. He has being reading all his life, and he will read anything with letters on it. I too can also relate to this because I have being reading since I was three years old. My mom was a kindergarten teacher, and even right before I begin going to school, I would always followed her to her school. Although I was only three years old, my mom would let me do the other kids work with them. By the time I…

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