Analysis Of The Article ' Saving Children For The Tobacco Industry '

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When we look at culture relativism, we views all beliefs, and customs of that culture and imply whether to consider what that culture does is moral or immoral to another culture. And with that many believe that no society or culture fit to judge another society customs. We can view relativism from the pure and unbiased perspective because in many culture they can view mental illness as a bad sign from God or at the same time view mental illness as a mid-function happen during the cycle of birth or health problems. In both way how we view customs and beliefs of our neighboring country, influence how society perspective plays in role in ultimately deciding what is right and what is wrong. In the article “Saving Children for the tobacco Industry” we see that the globalization of the tobacco company have associated “saturation campaigns with persuasive ads wherein cigarettes are depicted as consumables if modern, wealthy and sophisticated people,” (Brown et al 2010). These depiction promote a society that believe smoking is good. They do not realize the implication that comes with smoking cigarette every day. They state three different negative influence that affect the health of the people. They describe how smoking leads to many chronic disease, how it scare household essential, and how children around smoker can be exposed to smoke inhalation and respiratory disease,” ( Brown et al 2010). All these things contribute to the growing issues of the globalization that have…

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