Analysis Of The Article ' Men Changing Men ' By Robert Allen Essay

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Gloria Steinem states, “We 've begun to raise daughters more like sons … but few have the courage to raise our sons more like our daughters." The words of Steinem reflect how today’s society has embraced raising daughters to be independent leaders, yet parents are still afraid to stray from raising their sons according to gender norms. It will be argued that the reinforcement of stereotypical masculinity is harmful, as boys are told that violence and dominance is natural, and this has a lasting effect on their adulthood. Steinem believes that to raise a son untraditionally is a truly audacious act, as it rejects the notion that ‘manly’ characteristics are innate. Accordingly, the article Men Changing Men by Robert Allen and Paul Kivel demonstrates how gender socialization begins at birth and continues throughout the entirety of one’s life. Through exposure to other men, boys understand from a young age that violence is a “manly response”, and that it is only natural that they act out in aggression. For instance, the term “boys will be boys” promotes the idea that it is not a male’s fault that he is acting in rage, as it is just the way men are, and can therefore me an excuse for dominant behavior. Additionally, men are told that it is not acceptable to cry or express any emotion other than anger, and are often ridiculed if they do so. Furthermore, Allen and Kivel explain that 1 in 6 boys are sexually assaulted, and that most boys have been humiliated by a male. That…

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