Analysis Of The Article ' Jajci Johnson 's Strengths And Needs Across Reading, Writing, And Spelling

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Summary: Jajci Johnson has diverse strengths and needs across reading, writing, and spelling. In reading, he exhibits interest in reading by asking essential questions to better help his comprehension of the text, he uses picture cues and context to figure out the meaning of an unfamiliar word, he predicts, infers, and make connections about the book, and is at an independent level in third grade sight words. For writing his strengths are incorporating many familiar sight words into his writing, he is able to identify the beginning, middle, and end of a book, and can identify the main idea and support the main ideas with details from the books. In spelling my students strengths are not reversing or transposing letters in a word, remembering to write the double letters in the a word that contain letters that double, and visually configuring the misspelled word to the proper spelling of the word. My student’s need in reading is building his phonetic awareness so that he can decode, pronounce, and comprehend the meaning of the word effectively. In writing, my student needs to learn strategies to properly decode a word so that he spells the word correctly. He also needs to learn how to structure his sentences so that the reader can follow each thought without becoming lost in the text. In spelling, my student needs to work on his auditory perception of a word, specifically with vowels, and learning not to omit vowel sound or substitute the vowel sound with a constant sound…

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