Analysis Of The Article ' Flint Officials Are No Longer Saying The Water Is Fine ' By Monica Davey

1349 Words Nov 14th, 2016 6 Pages
Summary In the article, “Flint Officials Are No Longer Saying the Water Is Fine,” by Monica Davey describes one of the most recent water pollution crisis in America. Taking place in Flint, Michigan, Davey explains how an untold amount of the city’s problems tie directly within their water struggle, such as economic woes and the government’s inability to help the people of Flint causing a social rift throughout the community. The polluted water has been the latest blow to an already battered city. Losing almost half of its population after the economic downfall of 2008, the city has struggled to keep afloat while trying to meet the demands of its residents.
Throughout the article, Flint’s residents share the experiences they encounter on a daily basis because of the water crisis and explain how exactly it has affected the city economically and socially. Multiple residents shared horrific and compelling stories of how their lives have taken a complete nosedive. LeAnne Walters, a mother raising her children in a lower-income riddled neighborhood in Flint, explains how her children and family have been affected by the poisonous lead in the water. Specifically her son, Gavin who needs medical attention, however, she cannot afford the medical expenses for the treatment needed because she lost her job. Her story is compelling because in the article she explains how the media only…

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