Analysis Of The Article ' Blue Collar Brilliance ' By Mike Rose

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Drop-outs Vs. Degrees
In the article “Blue-Collar Brilliance”, Mike Rose argues against the need for a formal education by giving examples of his own family, mainly his mother and uncle, Rose states that many often closely associate intelligence with traditional schooling even though there are many examples of people that drop out of school and still live ‘successful’ lives. While some of Rose’s points are well supported and agreeable his overall argument for the dismissal of general education is, in my view, incorrect and should not be applied in the education system.
Rose starts off his controversial article with the story of his mother, who waited tables at a small diner in the city of Los Angeles, saying how she gained the ability to pick up on social cues and react calmly to the high pressure situation of a waitress’s job. Having dropped out of school in the middle of the seventh grade, his mother had never received a formal education. Rose debates vigorously that she learned on the job and was one of the best in her profession. I agree with Rose’s point considering that natural learning from doing the actual job gives an enhanced form of perception no text book can teach. No matter how much education you’ve had, no matter how many books you’ve read on the job, no matter what you think you might know about this occupation, the actual experience is completely different from a textbook, following the example of Rose’s mother, who learned from on the job experience and…

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