Analysis Of The Article ' Arkansas Boys Who 5 Are Sentenced '

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Dylan Lankford
English II
“Arkansas” LOTF Essay

There are many instances of children killing other kids, adults, and even their own family members. A tough question that countries and states have to decide is when these children should be accountable for their crimes. The age varies from country to country, some allowing kids to be responsible for criminal actions at the age of 7 while others are much higher such as 16, or 18. In the article “Arkansas Boys Who 5 are sentenced” by Rick Bragg discusses an incident where two boys shot and killed 5 people. These boys were 11, and 13 at the time of the incident. They were sentenced to juvenile court until they turned 18 and then they were released. However, this was not a just punishment for their crimes as a longer sentence should have been required. Children at this age should be held accountable and have serious consequences, but they should not be tried as adults. A child at the age of 10, who commits a crime comprehends, and understands that what he or she did was wrong and will have serious repercussions to the victim 's family. Children at the age of ten or older should be tried and have an appropriate sentencing fit for the crime, this is however not the case for Mitchell Johnson and Andrew Golden.
14-year-old Mitchell Johnson and 12 year-old Andrew Golden were send into juvenile detention in 1998 for the killing of five human beings. Mitchell Johnson pleaded guilty and ended up serving four years in juvenile…

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