Analysis Of ' The 1965 Prophecy ' Essay

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After reading The 1965 PROPHECY I have noticed a lot of key points within the prophecy given by Stanley Frodsham that pertains to the current condition of the local church of today and I would like to explain both the causes that brought deception into the church and the cure to help open the eyes of the body of Christ to see the truth once again.
There 's, so many types of deception in the church today, just to name a few would be the love of money, lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes and the pride of life. Most believers are serving and following Jesus, all for the wrong reasons, many only want Him for power, material blessings and being noticed in packed worldwide ministries or crusades on TV, online and other ways of media. The word of God talks about these same issues pertaining to the prophecy that Stanley Frodsham was talking about in 2 Tim 3:1-7; explains how people will love their own flesh and follow their own desires more than loving and obeying God the result in which makes them grow worse.

The lust of the flesh: The love of money makes the world go round and the majority of church leaders seek after it by fleecing their congregants in their giving so that they can benefit from it instead of using the proceeds to reach the lost for Jesus. They selfishly go out purchase new cars, houses, and everything that the world is chasing after. But having money in general is not considered a sin because the Lord wants his people to prosper and be in good health, He even…

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