Concerns Of The Protestant Reformation

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The Beginning
Before the Protestant Reformation, there were many concerns felt be Catholics. Many people began to voice their opinions as more translations of holy text became widespread. An important aspect of this change was when Greek became common use again during the renaissance and so the original Greek scripts were read and therefore interpreted differently by people, since before this only the Latin Vulgate was approved by the Church meaning that the Church controlled the contents of the gospel without question. Three major concerns that began to be questioned were the authority of the Pope & Church, indulgences and relics.

Initially, people began to suspect corruption in the Church. This was believed because the Church had too much authority, for example the Pope had certain powers concerning excommunication and influence on rulers while other religious figures had the ability to forgive the sin of whomever they want. Most of the world was living in poverty and yet the church flaunted its wealth and power.

Another reason for concern was the selling of indulgences. An indulgence is described by the Catechism of the Catholic Church as "a remission
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Although the Protestant Reformation may have left him unsatisfied and regretful at first as it was never his intention to divide the Church into a third branch, he only meant to cause a reform from within the Church, towards the end of his life, he began to become harsh towards the Catholic Church. Due to leaving the Catholic Church he was able to renounce his religious vows to marry Katharina von Bora, with which he had 5 children. He also made more religious text accessible as he encouraged vernacular language. Up until his death on February 19, 1546, Martin Luther wrote against the Church, claimed the pope as the antichrist and believed in the expulsion of Jews so it leaves me with no doubt that Martin Luther believed he did the right thing in leaving the

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