Political Consequences Of The Protestant Reformation Essay

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There were several significant political and social consequences of the Protestant Reformation during the sixteenth century. The Reformation brought about a change in the way women were viewed and led to support for their lives through Protestant reforms and education. The Protestant Reformation additionally provided the opportunity for princes and monarchs to acquire increased political power through King Henry VIII’s break from the Catholic Church or the Holy Roman Empire prince’s converting to Lutheranism. The Reformation also caused several wars through several of its denominations, such as the Swiss civil wars or the war against Charles V. The changes in the views of women and their lives was a consequence of the Protestant Reformation. Previously, during the Middle Ages, many people viewed and degraded women as temptresses, following the model of Eve, or exalted them as virgins, following the model of Mary. Women were often seen as …show more content…
The change in the perspective of women reflected the reforms brought about by the Protestants and their success to allow more women to be better educated and for women to lead better lives. The increase in political power harnessed by princes and monarchs displays the Reformation’s effect on influencing leaders to convert to a Protestant denomination or for leaders, such as Henry VIII, to declare themselves supreme in the spiritual affairs of their territories in order to gain more political power. This, in turn, led to battles caused by the Reformation due to tensions between Catholics and Protestants in that particular area. The Reformation caused many social and political consequences, in both the first half of the sixteenth century and to this day

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