Analysis Of Sturken And Cartwright's Practice Of Looking

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In Mat’s essay, he talks about the overview of Practices of Looking chapters five and six. In chapter five of Sturken and Cartwright’s Practice of Looking, it first discusses the idea of multimedia and how it is usually a part of today’s society and everyday life. Multimedia are usually shown as electronic images, text, and/or sound. Every day, we see (or hear) these everywhere including our phones, tv, the internet, and media. Mass Media is defined as media designed to go towards a large group who have shared interests, which the art shows events, people, and places. Mat also discusses political propaganda. Political propaganda is used in some parts the same methods of regular propaganda, to reach its goals, but it rests on completely different beliefs. Propaganda is not always clearly commercial advertising related to politics. People try to seek only for short effect with propaganda, whereas political propaganda seeks the organized insight that is “necessary” to win supporters over. …show more content…
Russia Today, a Russian English speaking television show, showed the controversial campaign, comparing the President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, to President Obama. The political propaganda was up for debate a lot. Russians were furious that their government decided to spend billions of their funding just to make this ad campaign. A lot of current and past world leaders complained that what Russia's government did was unnecessary because this was taking billions away from their schools, hospitals, orphanages, etc. On the other hand, the chief editor of Russia Today, believed it was actually necessary part of the government's fund to influence the world’s opinion of the issue through controlled

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