Essay on Analysis Of Stephen 's Journey Into Adulthood

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Path To Greatness

We may risk having the opportunity to mature when we have others to constantly keep on looking after us. Stephen faces a lot of challenges throughout the story that most kids haven 't experienced, he has to face the death of his grandfather, and his dad going into a coma which leaves him to take care of himself and go through plenty of hard times including getting attacked. Stephen’s journey into adulthood cannot fully begin until he is forced into maturing both his physical and emotional needs. Although sad , the situation Stephen finds himself in after his father falls into a coma, will strongly improve his chances of survival during the eleventh plague as well as give him new hope for the future.

Stephen’s lack of being on his own at the start of the novel is stopping him from growing up and gaining his own strength apart from what he has already learned from watching his father and grandfather. “Dad?” “Yeah, Steve?” “We’ll be okay, won’t we? Without him?” When Dad said nothing I moved out from under his arm and looked up at him. “I mean … nothing’s going to change. Right?” (Hirsch 4). By stephen asking his father to confirm that they continue to live as nothing has happened , it shows us that stephen is taking the everything for granted. He doesn 't understand that you cannot control the changes around you , and it will always help give you new opportunities to learn from it which could lead to his increase in maturing from a child into a man that…

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