Essay on Analysis Of Stephen King 's On Writing

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A Journey that Starts at the Opening of a Page

New writers, and future hopefuls, how have you been spending your past-time these past few years? According to Stephen King’s short story “On Writing”, people that wish to survive as a Liberal Arts major, or even worse a Literature and Writing major must read constantly and fiercely. So yes, stop waiting for Apple’s new release of another iPhone, Sony’s unnecessary new Playstation devices and Snapchat’s annoying new filters, because you are about to enter a cave man’s paradise. To be successful in the industry of writing, one must read all sorts of novels and write a lot to create and develop ideas for his or her stories. Well-written and ill-written books must be gathered and indulged in every way shape and form. And if hard copy books are not pleasing enough and one wishes to still become a writing major, then they should definitely invest in a Kindle, there are thousands of books offered literally at one’s fingertips. Reading enhances thinking and engages one’s imagination in a way that visual media cannot.
First off, it is necessary to read as many books as one can because it will be of assistance, when the time comes to write a story. There are so many benefits to think of when one reads. It can improve one’s critical thinking process, imagination and vocabulary. King argues that If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have the time (or the tools) to write.”You learn best by reading a lot and writing a lot, and…

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