Analysis Of Sherman Alexie And I Just Wan Na Be Average By Mike Rose

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Cover Letter
Prof. Lloyd and Class, I am writing to inform you that the two core readings I am doing my analysis paper on is Indian Education by Sherman Alexie and I Just Wanna be Average by Mike Rose. I chose these to readings simply because both of the writers faced adversities and struggled despite being labeled by society. Alexie was labeled as insignificant because of the color of his skin and Rose overcame his label as unintelligent with the help of an amazing teacher. I have never faced anything compared to what both of these men have faced. They live in a time when differences where frowned upon. I grew up in an era of time where difference are celebrated and supported, thankfully. These core readings have made me realize how lucky I am and how everyone has their own struggles. I am writing to let you know that I also used a biography about both authors to better understand their lives and the environments in which they grew up and I will be sharing my own personal opinions about them. The purpose I believe both authors were trying to make , like previously stated in my last paper, is that despite being labeled, ridiculed, and depraved anyone can succeed. Alexie succeeded in becoming valedictorian while Rose climbed from the bottom to the top and made it into a great college. Both of these gentlemen know what it is like to be in a society where you wouldn’t be able to rely on anyone other than yourself. I believe both Alexie and Rose accomplished retelling their…

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