Analysis Of Seven Pounds

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A Pound for a Life: A Review of Seven pounds
"The film Seven Pounds, starring Will Smith and Rosario Dawson, is Grant Nieporte's idea after having a chat with a man whom he called "one of the saddest people I've ever met in my life". The film is directed by Gabriele Muccino, known for The Pursuit of Happiness (2006) also starring Will Smith." (IMDB, The movie is one with a strong message and lesson, it leaves the audience wondering what their mission in life is and how life can change in an instant. However, the realm of ethics is portrayed throughout the film.
The movie Seven Pounds is one that focuses on the individual human being and the purpose of them on earth. The film doe did not choose between good or bad. Instead of setting
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Ben donates a piece of his liver to a social worker named Holly, goodwill is addressed in this situation. Later in the movie, she helps him by giving him the name and information about an abused woman. It is also portrayed when Ben gives Emily, a woman with a degenerative heart and a rare blood type, a substantial tax break. There is a scene in the movie where Emily asks Ben "Why do I feel like you're doing me a favor" (Seven Pounds, 2008). Ben replies with, "Because I get the feeling you really deserve one" (Seven Pounds, 2008). The second ethic that is presented in the movie is justice. Ben's goal is to give a chance to those who have lost all hope. Justice is one of those things that one must pay a great cost for. The pain and agony Ben goes through is a proof of that. He lives life carrying the guilt of accidentally killing seven incent people. Ben seeks justice for what he did. The way Ben does this is by self-sacrifice when at the end of the movie he commits suicide. The last ethic addressed in the movie is compassion. Compassion plays a significant role in the film especially in Ben's relationship with Emily, the one he falls in love with before he sacrifices his life for hers. Even though Ben's compassion towards Emily goes beyond expectations, he shares this compassion with the rest of the six people he is …show more content…
One of the ethical dilemmas is when Dan (surgeon), Ben's lifetime friend, helps him accomplish his mission and agrees to complete the heart transplant that saves Emily's life. Dan does not agree with Ben's plan of committing suicide, but he cares about his friend and respects the decisions he has made so Dan goes along with it and prepares everything for the heart transplant. The issue is portrayed when Dan as a doctor, must break his Hippocratic Oath to help his best friend reach salvation and save Emily's life. The issue is resolved by Dan because even when broke laws it was for a purpose, a greater

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